Change global Midi Channel for a Panel

Hi, first post here. I started using Ctrlr only recently when I came across a couple of panels for some synths I want to control.

The panel I am trying to use at the moment is Kiwi-3P-Editor-2.5.bpanelz (Roland JX-3P with Kiwi Technics Upgrade) and I have set this panel’s MIDI Output to the correct Port and channel number, in my case midi channel 3, since all other midi channels are in use by other hardware.

At first I was unable to get any of the panel controls to operate the parameters on the Kiwi-3P synth, but after checking the midi output using Tools > Midi Monitor and then looking in panel mode I noticed that the controls are sending a sysex formula

So I looked through the Kiwi-3P manual and checked the sysex data layout. For example, the sysex structure for the Kiwi-3P Filter Cutoff is f0 7f 7f 7f 60 01 00 b0 29 xx f7 where b0 means Continuous Controller set to midi channel 1. If I change this to b2 (midi channel 3) and close panel mode, then the cutoff control on the panel works correctly and changes the filter cutoff on the Kiwi-3P as expected.

I could change the b0 part of the sysex formula for every control on the panel to b2 which would work, but that would take some time, and if I need to change the Kiwi-3P to another midi channel I would have to update the panel yet again.

So I would like to find out if there is a way to just change that midi number to a global midi code so no matter what channel the synth is set to, the panel will respond. I tried bx, by, bn, xx but nothing made a difference.

And I thought that is what the Midi Tab settings were for and they would override the midi output for the panels, but that doesnt seem to affect some panels. But as a comparison I just found and tried the Matrix 6 panel today and that seems to work correctly even when my Matrix 6r is set to Midi channel 8 & 9, so I guess there must be a way to do the same for the Kiwi-3p panel.

So any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Also great to see all those fantastic panels and all the hard work that has gone into them. So thanks for that




uiXYSurface properties

Firstly many thanks Atom for Ctrlr. Really am enjoying being able to knock up VST’s to control my equipment. Much appreciated.

AS a noob, I am struggling to get to the properties and methods for uiXYSurface. I have tried the following but cannot get to the X and Y modulator methods/properties for this component:

mod = panel:getModulatorByName(“xyMod1”)

com = mod:getComponent()

what (mod)

what (com)

Ultimatley I want to be able to set X and Y coords as part of a modulation sequencer using a timer (timer looks straightforward) as I already have combo boxes nicely linked to the X and Y axis to control two parameters at a time .

Can anyone please tell me how can i get to retrieve and set these values for this class/component?

Having trouble connecting to my Korg dw-8000

I have installed ctrlr as well as the panel for the DW. I have the DW plugged into my computer using a midi to USB adapter. The computer recognizes the adapter but I can’t get ctrlr to interact with the DW.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Korg Volca Bass Midi Remote

Korg Volca Bass Midi Remote:

The „Korg Volca Bass“ parameters can be automated, they can be stored in the DAW Song.

With the X-Y-Pad any controller can be selected and controlled.

The hidden parameter “SlideTime”, „Expression” and “Gate Time” can be changed using the “Korg Volta Bass Midi Remote”, which are not present on the Korg Volca Bass surface.

About the keyboard, notes can be entered with Accent, which is important for a typical TB 303 sound.



Korg Volca Bass Remote

My Homepage with Download:    Download Page




Korg 707 setup

Has anyone successfully implemented the Korg 707 panel? Is it possible for the parameters of the 707 to be controlled through SysEx and if so, how does one set the synth up to receive this info?

There is indication on the forum that the panel works but is its functionality limited to loading/dumping patches? I’m hoping to control the parameters of the synth through ctrlr standalone to avoid relying on the inbuilt 707 interface.

The ctrlr midi monitor seems to indicate that info is being sent and received between my midi interface and the synth, but I am unable to load patches or control any parameters.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

CTRLR with Logic 9 Express

Hi there,

did anyone manage to get CTRLR fully running with Logic (express) 9? I simply cannot manage to send midi from the CTRLR au plug-in (used in a software instrument track) to my synth (Roland JX-8P). I read online that it is generally not possible for au software instruments to send midi… So how does it work? I would be very grateful for a step-by-step description…

The stand alone version works, but I cannot automate it within Logic.

Everything else seems to work too.