Connecting Words or linking words in academic writing

Linking words that connect two or more sentences /paragraphs are called connecting words, linking words and conjunction words are the same. Why we are using linking words? It helps us to understand the meaning of paragraphs, articles and assignment writing, etc. Basically, it connects two things. For example, Do hard work before examination here before is a conjunction word.  Read the following connecting words   

  • Next, then, finally, primary/secondary, afterward, after, earlier, following this, for now, hence, previously, lastly, once upon a time and by the end, etc.
  • Here I also share a comparison linking words list, read the following

Similarly, equally, likewise, as with, just as, in the same way, just as, etc     

And if you want to learn more words visit the website.  

 Now big question is that where you place linking words in assignments.

First step > Use it stating point of sentence or paragraph.

Second step > Use it middle of the sentence or paragraph.

The third step > and don’t forget to use this in the conclusion line.

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