Consider Teak Garden Furniture Before Choosing Garden Furniture

What is garden furniture?

Garden furniture is a type of outdoor furniture. It is also called patio furniture. Garden furniture is usually made of weather-resistant materials, as it is susceptible to various weather conditions outside the home. Looking at it historically, garden furniture began in Pompeii.

Garden furniture usually consists of a garden table combined with 4, 6 or eight chairs together with a canopy in the middle called a canopy. Umbrellas are usually large enough to cover users from the sun’s heat. It is placed in the center of the table and can be adjusted according to the spread of the cover as well as the overall height of the umbrella.

Garden furniture includes not only tables and chairs. It also includes chaise longues with small cushions and other accessories where people can actually relax on their backs and enjoy the view outside. Picnic tables are also very popular for this group of furniture.

The different materials used in garden furniture are: metal, vinyl, plastic, glass and special types of treated woods such as teak.

Teak furniture is very popular nowadays because teak is a strong and durable material that can definitely be used outdoors.

What is teak?

Teak is a type of hardwood that is widely spread in the continent of Asia, especially in the regions of Indochina, the Philippines and Burma. Nowadays, teak is part of an endangered species, so careful cutting is done to conserve this type of tree. Older trees produce a more durable and harder type of teak while younger trees produce teak that is susceptible to damage.

Teak is commonly used as a material for outdoor furniture as well as for boat decks. It has the property of resistance to various weather conditions. It also contains natural oils that make it extremely durable and very effective for weather-prone types of materials. Nowadays, teak can also be used as a flooring and veneer material.

There are other uses for teak such as doors, frames, accessories, and building materials. Due to its excellent properties, it is also termite resistant which makes it a good material for long term use.

teak garden furniture

You have an outdoor space that you want to dress up and think about what type of outdoor furniture you’ll put in it. To help you with this, you can do some research online or check your local furniture stores for some outdoor furniture tips. Most of the time, you will come across people asking you to buy Teak Garden Furniture¬†. Now you are wondering why they recommend teak, so you decided to inquire about its qualities and properties.

Teak garden furniture is very popular as a type of outdoor furniture. It reached its popularity especially during the 1950s. Over the years, teak garden furniture has evolved into different styles and designs making outdoor spaces and patios good places to relax.

Teak garden furniture not only creates flexibility as a type of outdoor furniture. It creates a sense of luxurious space for everyone and especially for the family. Of all the hardwoods, teak is the best material to use as it requires very little maintenance for the outdoor furniture you choose.

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