Create a Microsoft account for Minecraft

For all of its games, Minecraft requires users to have a Microsoft account.

“Moving forward, all of our games – including Minecraft Java Edition – will require a Microsoft account to play,” Minecraft stated in an official blog post.

Since its release on consoles in 2011, the game has existed in two distinct versions. Previously, Minecraft: Java Edition used Mojang accounts, whereas Minecraft Bedrock Edition, the name for the console and Windows Store versions of the game, used Microsoft accounts.

The accounts will remain the same after this change, but there will be no crossplay: you will still be unable to play with friends using the other version of the game. So many people face https aka ms remoteconnect error so don’t worry it’s not a big problem.

Players will be emailed in batches about how to migrate in the coming months, and they will receive an additional notification on their profile page when they will be able to create a new account. In addition to the blog post, Mojang created a video to explain the switch and anticipate player complaints.

Microsoft cited several reasons for the change, emphasizing that the Microsoft integration will significantly improve security. The following were the reasons for the relocation:

With two-factor authentication, you can increase the security of your account. In other words, it is more difficult for someone to gain access to your account without your permission.

Your PC Minecraft games will all be linked to the same account. That is currently Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons, but who knows what we will do next? Parental controls have been enhanced to help keep children safe while playing online. Blocking chat and invitations.

Players have also been notified of this change via e-mail, which includes an informative guide on how to move accounts to play Minecraft. The main reason for the change is to increase the security of Legacy Accounts.

When a player logs in with their username rather than their e-mail address, they have a Legacy account. Microsoft has decided to discontinue the use of Legacy accounts entirely, resulting in the integration with Microsoft accounts.

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