Demon Lord Retry Season 2: Renewed Or Canceled? Release Date & Latest Details

The fans have been waiting for the release of Demon Lord Retry Season 2 for almost two years now. With time they are getting more and more desperate to see the sequel of the anime series. After hearing a lot of rumors, the fans now want makers to confirm whether the anime will return to the screens or not. So, will the show get a renewal? Here are all the latest details.

Demon Lord Retry, also known as Maou-Sama Ritorai in Japanese, is an action fantasy isekai anime series. Studio Ekachi Epilka adapted the light novel series of the same title by Kurone Kanzaki to produce the anime. The viewers saw its first episode on July 4, 2019, while the series ended on September 19 of the same year after running for twelve episodes. This short-run was not enough for the fans, and they are now demanding to see more episodes of this show.

Demon Lord Retry Season 2: Canceled Or Renewed?
Despite coming from a small studio, this show managed to perform very well. In fact, it gained a lot of popularity in a very short period of time. As a result, the demand for the second season of anime also increased. After the completion of its debut installment in 2019, a lot of rumors began to surface online that the makers have already renewed Demon Lord Retry Season 2. However, the officials have never confirmed this news. All those rumors began to circulate because of the final episode of the first season. In the closing moments of the season finale, the screen reads, “to be continued.” This made the fans think that the series has already been renewed for its sequel. However, the official renewal is yet to come, and we will update this section as soon as it arrives.
Is There Enough Source Material For A New Season?
As we stated above, the anime series adapted its plot from the Maou-Sama Ritorai LN series. It began to serialize in 2016 and ended after publishing only three books. The author soon announced the second edition of the light novel series and has released a total of seven volumes so far. Later on, when Studio Ekachi Epilka picked up the story for television anime adaptation, it only used the initial two books for the first season. Therefore, the production studio has a total of eight volumes to adapt in Demon Lord Retry Season 2. Hence, fans don’t have to worry about the content to adapt as more than enough is available.

Maou-Sama Ritorai: Plot Details!
The story of this show revolves around an ordinary guy named Akira Ono. He has been in charge of MMORPG for the last 15 years. When he was about to shut its servers, he finds himself in the game. He got the body of the demon lord of the game, Hakuto Kunai. Akira met a girl named Aku in the game and saved her from the demons. However, he realized that he didn’t create any of these characters. Therefore, he went on a quest to find out what actually happened. His main purpose was to find out who summoned him in the game and why.
Demon Lord Retry Season 2: Release Date

The creators hinted that the anime would continue at the end of this debut season. Despite that, they are yet to give the green light to its second season officially. The show got demon lord retry received a great response from the viewers and is quite popular as well. However, the critics gave it a mixed response and compared it to Overlord. Studio Ekachi Epilka hasn’t picked any new show after releasing its first season. So, there is a possibility that it might be busy with the production of Demon Lord Retry Season 2. The chances for the return of this show are great, and the fans might hear its official announcement soon. If the renewal comes by the end of this year, the release date of the series might fall sometime towards the end of 2022.

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