Difference between narrative essay and descriptive essay

There are several types of essay writing. Each essay has unique importance due to its cheap essay writing service purpose. Academic writing covers all kinds of topics; that’s why it is the last resort for learning this academic writing skill. If you are a student, you need to write an essay about global warming so that it becomes much easier for you to compose a handy writing piece.

As the scope of essay writing is broad, that’s why sometimes the students mingle the concept of one essay with another essay. It happens due to a lack of understanding and attention of the students toward the assigned topic. In a few cases, there is a thin line that differentiates both essays with each other. Especially when it comes to writing a narrative essay or descriptive essay, the students amalgamate the concept of both pieces.

Descriptive and narrative essays respectively are the major types of academic writing. Therefore, an essay writer needs to develop an absolute understanding of both writing pieces. However, students must know that no rocket science is involved in learning the themes of both essays. Let’s markdown the theory of both essays one by one.

Descriptive essay

It is one of the most important essay types. As its name implies, it urges the students to describe a thing, place, or person. It is expedient mentioning before you that you must have a strong emotional attachment with the subject. Moreover, it would help if you highlighted the subject’s characteristics and the primary reason for highlighting a specific subject.

Notably, the primary reason should compose the main characteristics of the subject that inspire you to let your feelings flow from the tip of your pen.

Furthermore, a writer has to involve the sensory details while illustrating the subject. If a reader feels that he has actually met a person, visited a place, or experienced a thing, the writer has fulfilled its job of describing a specific thing. It is also essential to bring in the students’ notice that they should have a vast vocabulary. It makes the students’ writing job much more comfortable.

Narrative essay

It is another genre of academic writing. In this particular essay, a student has to narrate a real-life experience. It urges the students to share personal experiences of their life. A narrative essay about global warming may consist of a single vent or series of events. However, it must have great significance for the readers to read. It also forces the readers to take any action regarding the author’s incident, situation, or condition.

Besides, a narrative essay about global warming demands a scribbler to put down the series of events in write an essay about global warming online in chronological order. A writer has to explain each thing in a particular time frame. It is also compulsory for a student to involve the sensory details so that a reader considers itself as part of the scene.

Differences between descriptive essay and narrative essay

There are a few differences between both essays that every student must know.

A student is not bound to explain the subject or a situation in a regular time frame in a descriptive essay. In contrast, a student has to keep in view the aspect of explaining the entire incident in a proper time frame.

There is no limitation in illustrating the event in sequential order in a descriptive essay, whereas, in narrative writing, the whole article must be explained in chronological order.

A descriptive writing piece does not demand a writer to action regarding a specific situation. However, a narrative essay demands an essay writer to take action according to the situation.

In a descriptive write essay for me, a writer elaborates on a person, place, or thing. In narrative writing pieces, a scribbler has to highlight events or characters.

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