Ent consultation in dubai what to expect

An otolaryngologist deals with your ears, nose and throat. The practice is called otolaryngology.

Otolaryngology practices in Dubai usually treat infections and ailments of the head and neck, including cancers and diseases. Otolaryngologists deal with cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery, while pediatric ENT specialists treat children. They specialize in allergies, facial and reconstructive surgery, rhinology, head and neck problems, laryngology, otology and neurotology. ENT consultations in Dubai are a regular occurrence, and chances are that everyone will see a doctor at least once in their lifetime. After all, an ENT doctor takes care of three important senses: hearing, tasting and smelling.

If you’ve been given an appointment with an ENT doctor and want to know what to expect, you can prepare yourself with the following tips to make it easier on yourself and the doctor.

Take a medical history

The doctor will first ask you to tell him your medical history. This will allow him or her to get an idea of your past or existing medical conditions and to determine if you are allergic to certain medications or treatments. After the doctor has reviewed your medical history, he or she may examine all or specific areas of your ears, nose and/or throat, depending on the reason for your visit.


When examining your ears, the doctor uses equipment such as an otoscope and sometimes a tuning fork. The otolaryngologist looks for signs of infection, bruising or other unusual elements in your ears. From the eardrum to the ear canal, the doctor may need to use a solution or suction device to remove debris, such as earwax, that may be clogging your ear canals. The doctor may also perform hearing tests.

What is that smell?

During an ENT consultation in Dubai, your nasal cavities and their proper function will also be checked. Using a speculum and a light, the doctor will examine your nose for signs of problems. Whether it’s chronic sinusitis, which affects millions of people every year, or allergies, odor problems or nasal congestion like a deviated septum. These are the things an ENT doctor will look for.

Speak with ease

Listening to the throat can be quite uncomfortable if you’re not used to it or have a sensitive gag reflex. However, ENT doctors are trained to examine your digestive tract, esophagus and larynx as discreetly and gently as possible. They can also identify and treat swallowing disorders.

When considering an ENT consultation in Dubai, make sure the clinic or hospital you go to has board-certified physicians, a medical license, and some level of trust from previous patient referrals. If you or someone you know is looking to have an ENT exam in Dubai, Gncdubai is the place to go. With state-of-the-art facilities, highly trained staff, and the trust of many patients who have been treated there, gncdubai is a great place for your next Neurologist in Dubai visit.

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