Famous Restaurants on Highway Everyone Visits on Weekend

What’s So Special About Highway Restaurants of Karachi?

 A trend is something that becomes a sustainable part of life. Dining on a highway was only for men in the field of trucking and logistics. Now the time has changed and it has become a trend for families and teens. 

Do you want to know the reason why people are fascinated by these restaurants? The dishes! Nobody can resist Chicken Karahi, Mutton Karahi, Chicken White Karahi, Beef Karahi, and BBQ in Pakistan. If you are in search of a house for sale in Karachi, you would never want to miss out on these highway restaurants. 

There are numerous options of eateries and a buffet restaurant in Karachi with the likes of Kolachi restaurant at Do Darya, LalQila restaurant, BBQ Tonight, and Rangoli restaurant where you will have a great time. Haveli restaurant is one of the preferred highway restaurants and that’s why we will discuss almost all highway restaurants in Karachi in this blog.

Eateries have expanded on a highway that became one of the top-visited spots in Karachi. Weekend nights glitter with these restaurants on the Karachi-Hyderabad highway. 

Al Habib Restaurant

It is one of the top-visited diners of the highway. Although, the price is a little bit higher than other restaurants. Al Habib restaurant menu consists of chicken Special Sizzling, Chicken Boneless Lahori Karahi, Fish Tamura, Al Habib Special Handi, Chicken BBQ Malai handi, Chicken Dahi Karahi, Mutton Katakat, Mutton Sajji Namkeen with Til Wala Naan (Sesame seeds bread). There are more besides them. 

Address: Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway, Gadap Town, Karachi.

Shaheen Shinwari Restaurant

Shaheen Shinwari restaurant is one of the most visited restaurants because of its Afghani dishes. People love to experience it because of the consistency in the taste of those dishes. From Mutton Namkeen Shinwari Seekh to All types of Karahi, you will get everything here. The name Shinwari has earned much fame that increased the number of restaurants with a similar last name. You will get various restaurants with similar dining and dishes but Shaheen Shinwari restaurant is one of the hubs of Afghani dishes.

Address: Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway, Sector 8B, Gulzar-E-Hijri, Scheme 33, Karachi.

Haveli Restaurant

It is known for its Pakistani and Turkish Kebab-related dishes. You will get a first-class environment for a family gathering with top-of-the-line customer service. You would love to visit it at least once. The best thing here is the ambiance.

Address: Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway, Sector 4B, Gulzar-E-Hijri Scheme 33, Karachi

Metro Highway Restaurant

It is also among the top preferred restaurants on the highway because of its specialty in Mutton Laham Mandi, Chicken Bhatti Arabi, Metri Special Katakat, and Mutton Kala Hara Masala Karahi. People just can’t skip it.

Address: St-3, Scheme 33, Tapo Gujro Deh Songal، Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway, Sector 6B, Gulzar-E-Hijri, Karachi.

Dua Restaurant

This one is another well-known name in the list of top most visited restaurants on the highway, It is because of the consistency in the quality of food and customer service they have. Dua restaurant menu consists of Barbeque Platter, Mutton Boneless Namkeen Karahi, Dumpakht, Kabuli Pulao, and Afghani Namkeen Rosh. Families and students love to spend time because of the above reasons. You have got to mark it in the list of your future spots.

Address: Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway, Gulzar E Hijri, Scheme 33, Karachi. (Google Coordinates X5R6+HQ)

Sajjad Restaurant

Once again, another famous name is Sajjad restaurant where you can have an unforgettable time with your family with an amazing ambiance. Sajjad Restaurant’s menu has specialties in Mutton Ribs, Peshawari Karahi, Sajjad Special Handi, Kabuli Pulao, and some Italian dishes. They are one of the experts in Karahi that attract people from far away to the highway. 

Address: Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway, Arizabad, Block 1, Karachi. 

Karachi Highway Nights Restaurant

Another place is Karachi Highway Nights Restaurant, where you can have some mouth-watering dishes like Paneer Reshmi Handi, Balochi Tikka Karahi, Chullu Kabab, Afghani Boti and Barbeque Platter. 

Address: Sector 3B, Gulzar-E-Hijri, Scheme 33, Karachi.

Geo Shinwari Restaurant

Geo Shinwari Restaurant has its own specialties like mutton Shinwari Laham Mandi, Mutton Namkeen Chanp Seekh, Chicken Shinwari Zaitoon Karahi, and Mutton Shinwari Butter Karahi. You may try it at least once, they also have good taste.

Address: Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway, Sector 3B, Gulzar-E-Hijri, Scheme 33, Karachi. (X485+4P Google coordinates)

Khan Saab Restaurant

Khan Saab Restaurant has some unique dishes like Mix Katakat, Khaan Saab Special Chops, Shish Touq (Turkish), Kastoori Malai Boti, Charsi Karahi, and Beef Hunzai Kabab. You can visit with your friends to try them.

Address: Plot 28,29,30, Sector 3B, Gulzar E Hijri, Scheme 33, Beside Daewoo bus stop, Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway, Karachi.

Kababjees Restaurant

Kababjees is a famous name in Karachi especially, when they extended their business line with baking, here is what you can have at the highway; Rango Kabab, Chicken Mandi, Malai Kabab, Chicken Morrocan Stake, Chinese, Italian, Western, and also Mocktails to cool down your belly.

Address: Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway, Sector 4B, Gulzar-E-Hijri, Scheme 33, Karachi.

Highway Grill Restaurant

Highway Grill Restaurant is also one of the top Karahi special restaurants on the highway. Although they have numerous dishes related to Karahi and Handi, they have some particular dishes you can try; Chicken Koyla Karahi, Chicken Lajawab, Chicken Tikka Karahi, Highway and Grill Kheer (Sweet Dish). The Top-quality ambiance complements it well.

Address: H-7, Site Area, at Point CNG Station, M-9 Super Highway، Nooriabad.

Al Jeddah Restaurant

You may visit here since they also have similar palatable courses, Chicken Balochi Boti, Chicken Malai Boti, Mutton Namkeen, and Mutton Chaap you can try. 

Address: 2966+6FR, Gadap Town, Karachi.

Cafeela Restaurant

What you can have at Cafeela Restaurant is Special Katakat, Butter-style Katakat, Beef Mushroom Steak, Peshawari Chapli Kabab, Mutton Tawa Kaleji, Variety of Koyla Karahi and Arabic cuisines. It is a beautiful place for families with all the facilities you want to have.

Address: Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway, Sector 8B, Gulzar-E-Hijri, Scheme 33, Karachi.

Red Oven Restaurant

A fine place with fine specialties; White Karahi, Red Oven Special Karahi, Mughlai Karahi, Rango Kabab, Chinese dishes, Hamburgers, and Live Matka Biryani (Chicken, Beef and Mutton). You can visit this place to try a variety of foods.

Address: Gulshan-e-Osman Housing Society, Karachi. (X5PP+WGW Google coordinates)

Bombay Koyla Karahi Restaurant

Their name indicates their specialty in Koyla (Coal-cooked) Karahi of chicken and mutton. They also serve Afghani, Chinese, Arabic cuisines, and special Bombay (Now Mumbai) Katakat. The aroma of smoked dishes is idiosyncratic which places them in the prime dishes list. You need to visit this place if you are a connoisseur of Koyla Karahi.

Address: M9 Motorway, before Toll Plaza, adjacent to PSO Pump, Karachi. 

Two features are similar in all of these restaurants, the savor, and the ambiance. They are safe and hygienic for everyone to dine in an open environment. There are some similar restaurants on the same highway if you drive further, These are some of the perks of living in Karachi. JagahOnline is ready to help you if you are preparing to purchase a house for sale in Karachi. There are more services related to property management, construction material, handyman, and more. 

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