Fildena 100 mg: Treat Erectile Dysfunction

The dosage of Fildena 100 purple erectile dysfunction drug is considered a 100 mg sildenafil citrate drug (approx. The dose can be up to 100 and 50 milligrams and up to 25 milligrams depending on how well a person tolerates the drug and what results they achieve. Sildenafil citrate (CT 100 mg pill) is used in the treatment of impotence and achieves a viable erection without the disadvantages of not having sex. Fildena is an oral medication and should never be crushed or chewed like a medicine unless you take it orally.

Depending on the strength of Sildenafil (also known as Generic Viagra), you should expect the Fildena pill to last up to 6 hours at its maximum dosage. In order to get a hard and long-lasting erection, you need to stimulate foreplay with your penis to get the effect of sildenafil pills. As an oral pill, this drug has the ability to restore your strength, and it is effective because it lasts as long as your body can.

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