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Well that is such a total mess, i do not even know where to begin to decrypt that one.
They really sucked writing manuals back in the days.

Well in javascript to reach drum bank first you set mode by first sending type of setting message.

Ok so now we are in program mode, where our drums is.

Next we need the message to drumbank.
//The two control messages
settingChange = [176,0,GM];
settingChange = [176,32,bankNr];

//And then you must send a program change i guess this must be program 0 but it ends up being 128?

settingChange = [192,0];

So the above works, but what numbers to use for program 129,130,131,132,133,134,135,136 i don’t get it?

settingChange = [192,x]; ???

You have any idea for those other kits, 192,0 is defintily working for program “kit” at 128 but that may just be fluke.
And 192,1 192,2 and so on definitly do not.

You have an idea or hint, because that manual is awful.