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Just a guess about the Cakewalk mess:

The “change-to-bank3” message looks like this [b0 00 3e]

3e in binary is 111110

7937 in binary is 1111100000001. The upper 6 bits are 111110 = 3e
you could take some zeroes from the lower bits for the 2nd byte = 00

The same with 7169 – in binary 1110000000001. Upper 6 bits = 111000 = 38 = the needed value.

Well, pretty messy…

About having to send bankchange in order to get GM patches: If the synth is NOT in GM-mode I guess this is how it was intended by Korg. You can put the synth into GM-mode by sending this message: f0 7e 7f 09 01 f7. If I get it right this is a standardized universal message for all GM capable synths. I haven’t tried this mode but in theory you should get all GM-patches by just sending program-change from 0 to 127.