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I can only talk for the 05/RW module assumming the N364 being very similar:
The 05/RW has 3 completely different modes.

Normal “Program” mode:
it will just respond on one midi channel (the global channel you can set it to any channel from 1 to 16). You can select user programs and gm-(rom)programs. There are 3 different banks – user, gm and gm-drums

“Combi” mode:
combine up to 8 different programs. Midi Program-change will select one of the 100 combis. Each program of the combi can have its own midi-channel. If channel differs from the global channel you can change the program by midi-program-change in this “combi-slot” (but – btw – the Ctrlr panel will use sysex messages sent on the global channel to change programs.

“Multi” mode:
select a program for each of the 16 midi channels. Program-change messages will change program on the corresponding midi channel. As in Combi mode the Ctrlr panel will use sysex messages on global channel to edit the entire parameter set of the Mulit mode

special “GM” mode:
I haven’t tested it yet but I believe it is just Muti mode without the user programs, so program-changes will select the GM patches (suitable for playing back GM midifiles).

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