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It works keyboard to engine turned off, now with “GM synth on message [0xf0,0x7e,0x00,0x09,0x01,0xf7]; even the drums on midi channel 10 works, which mean my implemented metronome is available in GM mode.

I am very thankfull for all your help, it would take me quite some time to figure out all this by my own, the N364 is quite a beast when in comes to functionality. And the menusystem do not exactly make it easier.

It would be nice if i could mirror “some of the LCD output” to a subwindow on javascript canvas, but that depends on how much of the message system available out, when pushing buttons quite alot from what i can see “in monitor”.

One step at a time now i will read in the drumkits “notes”, so the notes<-->“drum names” can be set thru option lists for the virtual drumpads.

Thansk again, midi is really great fun!

Is there functionality in CTRLR to read in the message sent when you push a button. Would be neat way to create the message for the panels?
Just push the button and CTRLR automaticly save it as a nameable function?
Maybe sound abit to good to be possible, no more fiddling with reading out manuals for messages just push the button to create them and save them as named functions that can be reached from the CTRLR interface.
If all button pushes was sent to midi out one could create message chains, basicly creating functions to reach any functionality on synth, by just read in saven and the mimic the keypresses.

Just an idea possible or not.

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