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Ok, attached is V2.5. According to Widy75, it works best with ctrlr v925. Newer versions generates errors. He said there was a change in how the scripting works (that stuff is waaay over my head). From what I gather, it’s more an issue when used as a VST. Dunno. At any rate, enjoy!

Thanks. I probably ought to just try try the recommended version of Ctrlr, but I may try to get it working in the one I’ve been using, with Version = 5.4.52.

So far, I’ve only fixed the problem of the disappearing mouse pointer, but I’m attaching that before I mess anything else up.

It seems the meaning of the value for componentMouseCursor must have changed, so this probably doesn’t work in the older version of Ctrlr…

Trying to attach the .panel gives me an error:

413 Request Entity Too Large

– so I’m (hopefully) adding it in a zip, instead.

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