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Welcome to Ctrlr!

if needed, you may get some info in my Step by Step guide

There is a limitation to 64 parameters to be exported so it might be your issue. One way to reduce is to strictly enable export when necessary.
However, you will still reach 64 pretty fast.
So, the other way is to add a ctrlr.overrides file that you place in the same folder where is installed the plugin Ctrlr.dll. Rename it to the same name of the plugin and extension overrides (in my case is “Ctrlr-VST-x64.overrides”), and set the changes listed below, otherwise you could only see 64 parameters (and none of them are related to the synth engine).

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<ctrlrOverrides 	ctrlrMaxExportedVstParameters="5000" 

For your bidirectional sysex issue, it should work without any script or so.
I’m testing this with my Novation controller. when not working, check some basics:
– Start synth then panel
– check Midi Input and Midi Output settings in panel
– if sending from panel to synth is working, then your sysex is correct

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