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Hello Slurp96!
Sorry, I understood that you are trying make VST version of panel.

“Only the software controls the HW, the hardware doesn’t control the software. I think there’s a setting I must do in the modulator so the software listen to the HW, but I don’t know what that is.”

Your software control the hardaware becasue you setted each sysex message in each correspondent modulator. From hardware to software you will have to use a Lua Method or Function that will “Called when a panel receive a MIDI message”. Your hardaware will send a “Dump” that is train of bytes that will contain all the informations that you need. The Lua function, or Lua Method will take each byte of this “train” of bytes an will associate to each modulator and this Lua Code will be called when you receive a MIDI message.

Here is the example of Dump from Roland JV-880

F0 41 10 46 12 00 08 20 00 41 2E 50 69 61 6E 6F 20 31 20 20 20 00 04 5B 59 00 01 5A 10 00 00 00 08 7F 40 3E 02 00 00 00 00 00 5D 3A F7

Here is an example of Lua Code Called when panel receives a MIDI message:

assignValues = function(midiMessage)
    commonData = midiMessage:getData():getRange(1,44) --get string that contains common patch data
-- #### Common Patch Data Section ####

    Common = commonData:getByte(6)

    if Common==Ox20 then   
    panel:getModulatorByName("NAME-01"):setValueMapped(commonData:getByte(8), false)
    panel:getModulatorByName("NAME-02"):setValueMapped(commonData:getByte(9), false)
    panel:getModulatorByName("NAME-03"):setValueMapped(commonData:getByte(10), false)
    panel:getModulatorByName("REVERB-TYPE"):setValueMapped(commonData:getByte(21), false)
    panel:getModulatorByName("REVERB-LEVEL"):setModulatorValue(commonData:getByte(22), false, false, false)



Then, the first thing that you have to do is find what is the sysex message that you have to send to your synth that will gives back to panel a Dump that contain the information that you have to associate to your modulators.

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