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Thanks for the replies dnaldoog.
Yes, I’m using a timer currently as a “kludge” but that’s highly dependent on what the current MIDI delay settings are set to, so it’s not as straightforward as working out the size for the data packet you’re about to send, although maybe that’s a better way of handling it, even if it’s a kludge.
I guess there must be some magic formula to use to calculate the milliseconds accurately, as 31.25kBaud is a given, the only other two variables would be the delay and the size of the packet. If I made a function that acted as a wrapper around sendMidiMessageNow to instantiate the timer having looked at the size of the packet about to be sent, that would be a sort of answer, right?
I looked at that JD panel but tu_rate doesn’t seem to go anywhere or be used for anything, so guessing there’s no “right” answer for this, if we can’t check the current MIDI output buffer queue everything we do for MIDI out is an approximation.

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