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What I meant was that tu_rate doesn’t seem to be referenced after that, so I guess it was added in but never implemented?

What I mean by the asynchronous is if you do something like:

sendMidiMessageNow (stuff)

then even if “stuff” is huge and would take several seconds to transfer, you’ll see “start” “end” immediately in the console. So you can’t just add some logic after the sendMidiMessageNow to turn off the led. That’s what I meant by asynchronous; it’s a “fire and forget” sort of operation that doesn’t stop your main program loop dead while it sends stuff.

I think it sounds like the only way is to figure out how to calculate milliseconds given size of buffer to transfer and current delay settings. So it’ll be something like
milliseconds_to_wait= (mysysexData:getSize() * magic_number )+ panelMidiGlobalDelay
where magic_number will be the time in milliseconds for 10 bits (1 start, 8 data, 1 stop) to travel at 31.25 kBaud – the magic MIDI number.
What the heck is magic_number…. 1/31250baud = 0.000032 seconds for a bit, 10 bits would be times ten so 0.00032 seconds per byte = 0.32 milliseconds per byte, is that right? Anybody? 0.32 is the magic_number? 😀 I’ll try it later an report back. Think you might have just helped steer me here onto something, dnaldoog!

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