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Hey Goodweather,

I did run the test in ctrlr standalone version and not the plugin, we’ll both actually.

I will take a photo of the midi settings and post them here after work, But the midi in/out/controller are all using the Kyra midi ports on the same channels 1, as this sysex is specific to that filter control of that part. So don’t think that’s going to provide an answer.

Maybe something went wrong during install and a re-install might be the next step. No harm in trying it especially if it is supposed to be working by default.

I will actually try a panel with my roland sh-32 and see if that has the same issue.

You guys are using the same ctrlr version of me right? Think it was the latest one on the site for DL, just in case a bug has been introduced in an update or something. I’ll confirm my version later

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