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Use the source

I think this is where you can use that mysterious third parameter to a callback function ‘source’ – I haven’t tested this and it may take some experimenting, but something like:

I’ve been staring at this stuff, but not being a coder by trade, actually an Electronics Engineer so much happier with hardware, I can’t make that much sense of it:

processor.setValueGeneric (CtrlrModulatorValue (newValue, CtrlrModulatorValue::changedByLua), force, false);

The line above, does that mean that when the Modulator Value gets set it also records that it was changedbyLUA?

value(“changedByLua”, 5),

That line above is at the bottom of the page, so does that mean that 5 is passed into the function?

If you aren’t a coder, this reference material is difficult to interpret for the newbie.

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