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Hi Spiffo,

This is taken from the lua manual PIL

A somewhat difficult notion in Lua is that functions, like all other values, are anonymous; they do not have names. When we talk about a function name, say print, we are actually talking about a variable that holds that function.
If functions are values, are there any expressions that create functions? Yes. In fact, the usual way to write a function in Lua, like

function foo (x) return 2*x end

is just an instance of what we call syntactic sugar; in other words, it is just a pretty way to write

foo = function (x) return 2*x end

… so in other words either format is fine!

Yes you must include (mod,value,source) – It may be possible to just include function(mod) if you only use ‘mod’ in the function, or function(mod,value) but there’s no good reason for doing that that I can imagine.

Adapting Possemo’s code, you could simply do something like:

if source ~= 4 then return end

at the head of each function you want to block.

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