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So, you have a script that intentionally changes the value of a modulator but that you don’t want to unintentionally trigger a lua script, activated by that modulator when the value of that modulator changes.
For this purpose you have written another Lua script that sorts out the source of the value change.

Well something like that but not exactly. My original post was just to see what methods people were using to block LUA Scripts from running when they don’t need to.

And everyone has been very helpful and I now have essentially 3 methods of attack:

1 Use setValue instead of setModulatorValue, you can stop LUA Scripts triggering if the Modulator doesn’t change value
2 Use Variables and Timers to stop any acivity for a certain amount of time
3 Pass the Mod, value & source into the function and use the source in an if statement to determine whether the script runs or not

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