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Hi Damien,
what is the progress for your DP4 editor?

I will start working back on it this weekend. It took me some time to fix my unit.
I had to recap all the PSU and change 3 IC regulators. My DP4 fried last month and once everything was replaced I discovered 1 DSP failed, maybe due to static, power surge or maybe heat when I desoldered the regulator next to it.
I found one ESP on ebay this week it was a pain… those are really hard to find.
So right now I have a “DP/3” but next week The 4th unit will be back home.

My next step for the ctrl is the preset management.
You can be sure I’ll let you know through the steps and I’ll probably need some help from you and dnldoog as previously.

Congrats for the purchase! This is a very special beast, it’s like the poor man’s eventide H3000 🙂

Thoses behringer clones are really impressive for the price.
I’ll probably buy some of their FX unit by Klark Tecknik like the bdd320 dimension D, their 1176 and la2a seem to be really nice like all the new Klark teknik/behringer range.
Don’t hesitate to ask me if you need some tips with the ensoniq. I know it by heart.
Take care

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