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Alright…..this is very cool!

Thanks for the step-by-step explanation. That’s what I need. Although I don’t know yet what some things mean I now can see the bigger picture….I think.

You create a function that calls another function…or two or more.

I managed to get it to work. First on the Patch level….then I added the elseif for the size of the received Midi of the Program Dump from the Mirage and that one now also works.

Now that we have that working I am thinking about how to put it effectively in the Panel. I could add 32 buttons each sending a dump request for the correspondent Program…but I think this could be embedded in the Lua script as well.

Same thing for the Patch request…I could add 42 buttons for the Patch request but I think there could be a more effective way of doing this. The COMBO is what I tried. For Patch changes it works, I think because this sysex string uses lsb/msb but the Dump Requeat does not.

I will have a look at it again in the morning.

JG….Thanks so much for showing me how to read.
Goodweather….I am interested in your way of using the memoryblock method as well at a later time. As you mentioned it may only confuse me at this moment.

Grateful for your help,


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