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Nice work, Dnaldoog. Easy to follow and transparent explanation.

— Rant mode on —

I don’t know who maintains the Ctrlr site or who is a moderator at this forum. But isn’t it a good idea to make a category for manuals? Because those “manuals” are a very valuable source on how to get things done in Ctrlr. I know a lot of answers can be found on the forum and inside panels but it doesn’t make searching for an answer to a particular problem that much easier.

For example: If I had known earlier on that it’s good practice to do:
modulatorNamedSomething = panel:getModulatorByName(“modulatorName”)
in a init file, and then later call it with
it would have saved me an amount of time going over all my Lua files again.

Hell, I wish I knew how LookAndFeel works because the Demo file doesn’t work for me. How to start with a
Custom Component? How do you add children to a parent component? How to make a librarian? So many questions but not easy to find an answer for it.

I would even like to contribute as I did with the manual on how to compile Ctrlr. Goodweather made a manual once but it’s somewhere at page 65. Dnaldoog knows his stuff and writes easy to understand manuals as well like above. Let’s make life easier. Let’s see what open-source is really about.

— Rant Mode Off —