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Could you try the next steps?

— In Ctrlr, create a knob or fader for the filter cutoff.
— Fill in name etc, min max value, colors.. up to you.

— Then in the “MIDI” Pane:
— Set midiMessageType to: Sysex
— In the midiMessageSysexFormula fill in:
F0 41 10 00 00 77 12 19 01 20 0c xx z5 F7

The xx is the value from 00-127 (which you setup under component) and the z5 handles the CheckSum. It is done internally for Ctrlr and is, I believe, just for Roland Synths.

The SS is, I think, the “start” of the CheckSum and S1 the end of the Checksum. The Hex in between needs to be counted for the Checksum. Probably to calculate the sysex in the A800 software. (Beats me why they would do it this way, but hey, “Roland”.) The synthesizer just needs the Sysex that you see in the Ctrlr input monitor to sync with Ctrlr and vice versa.

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