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Thanks. I actually got quite a bit done.

I guess before I get too far, once I get this done, can I turn it into an AU Component (or VST) or something like that that’ll run as a Standalone or within a DAW like Logic or Reaper?

Logic’s way of picking patches is kind of funky (the MIDI Environment) and it would be cool if it were a plug in to be able to pick patches as well.

If not, I guess end users would have to use Ctrlr program on their own computer and load this up?

Yeah – one of things for the Supernatural Synths is a “common” settings and Partial Select things and they’re under a different category (different offset). So I may need help with that.

I was able to get those to work on my Roland but I can’t find the darn book I made with all the offsets organized! But I do have SysEx message for them still in the A-Pro app so I can feed them into Ctrlr and probably get darn close – only if the checksum thing is different or something.

Thanks again!