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Hi Tedjuh,

I got a lot done tonight and it’s all working save for a few things I just haven’t put in yet.

I actually just opened the AU in Logic and realized it’s basically the same thing, so I could edit in the – I did command E and I had already turned off my synth but it looked like it all ran OK.

Very neat.

Screenshot included.

The only things I couldn’t get to work were the Partial Select – but I think this is because all those SysEx messages are for Partial 1 only. There’s a different number in the Partial 2 and 3 messages I think. So I can manually select the Partial I want to edit, but the controls only affect Partial 1.

I think I’d have to build a duplicate tab and change all the numbers. I’m sure there’s an easier way but I’m not ready for that yet.

There’s also the Supernatural Synth Misc. category that I haven’t tried as the offset is different but it’s not something I think you’d really need anyway.

There are a few SysEx messages in the manual that are only on the “Pro Edit” pages, but I included most of those and they all work.

The only thing I didn’t see was there’s an option to set the Portamento to Chromatic instead of gliss, but I’m thinking I might be able to record that message into the internal Sequencer and then see what the numbers are…

Now all I have to do is figure out how to make it into an actual AU Component someone else could download and install and try.

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