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I bought a SCI MAX recently which is functionally almost indentical to a six-trak except without unison.

I’ve made a beautiful MAX panel for editing all the CC values on 6 channels but MAX doesn’t allow for local storage of presets. My end goal is to be able to read values in my panel and be able to calculate and output those current values into a sysex file for later importing. All pie in the sky hopes and dreams for someone who can’t really program much at all.

This bit table issue is something new to me also and I’m trying to wrap my head around it, just wanted to say you are not alone in trying to devise an interpretor for CC <-> sysex on six-trak / max.

Tedjuh referred to an image from the 80’s about a BASIC procedure for allocating bytes in positions, I found that image last night on my quest

you can find more information about the BASIC procedure here:

So if there’s isn’t any other way a lowly noob programmer can sort it out, I might just have to try and do what the old six-trak players did a plug in a virtual c64 ;-;

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