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Totally forgot I had to add that link to my post. Thank you for that. Not that the link is very useful though.

You say that the MAX doesn’t allow for local storage of presets. Are you sure? Because the manual says the MAX has 100 preset banks, 80 that are preconfigured, 20 empty banks where you can store presets. Ok, you need a Prophet 8 or a Commodore 64. Probably have one laying under the couch somewhere. Or search for: “Free patch editor software for the Six-Trak and MAX”. on uncle Google. That is if you are on windows. And I don’t know if it works on Windows 10 either or maybe in compatibility mode. I don’t even know if it is able to store presets to the 20 empty banks.

But there is another way.

For storing presets locally on the computer, Dnaldoog made a Universal Sysex Dump Recorder. Now the only thing left is to make your panel react to those Sysex messages. You can build your own preset manager then. How to decipher the Sysex is well-described in this topic. And you will need to write some Lua to make the panel react to those Sysex files.

Think of a ListBox or ComboBox with some Sysex presets. When you click on one of those presets, the Sysex is then handled by a midiReceived Lua file. It shouldn’t send out the Sysex but handle it locally. That will make your panel reflect the Sysex preset and since Ctrlr is bi-directional the MAX will take over those values for the parameters. Quite a task for a lowly noob programmer, I know.

I wish I could be more helpful than this but in all honesty, I’m too busy with other things at the moment. My gf needs someone to do the heavy lifting at Ikea and groceries.