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Interesting way of working for the randomizer!

Exactly as dnaldoog explained; I’m doing that all the time by sending the same type of modulator (button, rotary, rotary negative/postivie, pulldown, triple switches…) to a unique method then based on the name you adjust what you want.
If you assign all your mods to variables as well then you can write a complete generic code.
This is working for “value on change” or “component on click”, you just need to secure the distinction for name and value in your code.
You can also call your on click method from the on change one to avoid running the same code (but this is depending on what you doing in your code of course).

“value on change” method:

-- Called when a modulator value changes
-- @mod
-- @value    new numeric value of the modulator
PositiveValue_OnChange = function(--[[ CtrlrModulator --]] mod, --[[ number --]] value, --[[ number --]] source)

	-- No action while loading a program or if the panel is in bootstrap or program states
	if bLoadingProgram or not isPanelReady() then


	sName= L(mod:getName())


“Component on click” method:

-- Called when a mouse is down on this component
-- Used to display parameter name and description for components with 0..n values

PositiveValue_OnClick = function(--[[ CtrlrComponent --]] comp, --[[ MouseEvent --]] event)

	-- No action while the panel is in bootstrap or program states
	if not isPanelReady() or not bLCD then

	local sName = L(comp:getOwner():getName())

	-- Get parameter name and description to be displayed
	if sName == "VCO1Shape" then
 		sParameter = "Oscillator 1 Shape (0..1023)"
	elseif sName == "VCO2Shape" then
 		sParameter = "Oscillator 2 Shape (0..1023)"