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Something else… I’m personally using a different technique than a table:
– I assign all modulators to a variable at panel load
modPanelSubOnOff = panel:getModulatorByName(“PanelSubOnOff”)
– you get a nice list but then it is easy to manage afterwards
– for loading/saving/sending, rather than looping on a table, I’m working in a line by line way like
modProgramOctave:setValue(LoadedProgramData:getByte(16), true)
modPanelSubOnOff:setValue(LoadedProgramData:getByte(17), true)
modEditTimbre:setValue(LoadedProgramData:getByte(18), true)

In programming there are always different roads to reach the same goal. Up to you to feel which one is the best for you (readable, maintainable…) 😉

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