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What do you mean by “Memory address”? The bytes or address that needs to be changed to make the THR10 accept the sysex? And which device are we talking about? The THR10, THR10II, THR5A, THR10X? Because they are all different from each other concerning the sysex.

But to take your patch example:

F0 — Start of Sysex
43 — Yamaha ID
7D — Machine ID
00 02 0C — Probably Midi Channel 1 memory or bank address, not sure.

44 54 41 — Don’t know, probably a check for a device number
31 — I guess the THR10II ID
41 6C 6C 50 — don’t know, could be tap/ tune settings, just a wild guess
00 00 7f 7f — I think this is to tell that the patch name is 128 bytes and the data is 128 bytes
The 00 00 could be “reading or sending” as in memory address 00 00 or 01 01.
— byte 18 -> 146 — patch name. (Some pretty long-ass name possible)
— byte 147 -> 275 — patch data. With a lot of empty bytes at the end.
2c — probably a checksum
F7 — End of sysex

There is a Demo Panel called “send patch name” in the demo panels folder of Ctrlr. It shows you how to put different blocks of bytes together to send one message. But investing some time to learn Lua would be a good thing to do as well. Just a word of advice.

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