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I have started working with layers in my next panel and it is less frustrating.

Layer 9 is a static layer supplying the ‘graphics’ or lay-out of the panel. I still used groups to create that but in this case a group only holds a small number of larger elements instead of all the modulators.

Layer 1 holds all the modulators and it is such a relief to just be able to move them around freely without them (or a whole group) dissappearing somewhere. I am copying all the locations/positions of the modulators into an excel sheet so I can easily copy them to Layers 2 to 8 later on. If there’s an easier/smarter way to do this the please let me know.

On this panel I can see static layer with an other layer on top of it. If layer 1 is selected in the layer editor I see the modulator values of layer 1, if layer 2 is selected I can see the values of layer 2.

However in the first panel for the Mirage that I am still working on this is not the case. I moved a whole group to (in this case) layer 2 and when I choose layer 1 only layer 1 appears. Then when I choose layer 2, layer 2 pops up while layer 1 also stays on-screen.

There are no overlapping groups/modulators.

What I want basically is both layers to be visible but only 1 layer should be editable at a time. What am I overlooking here?

Thanks in advance,


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