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Llamatron, AWESOME work. Thank you! I can’t imagine the time you put into this, but I’m way grateful. As is my once-neglected EX8000. Yep, an EX8000, not the DW, but your panel manipulates everything perfectly. I briefly tried MIDI Explorer, but yours is far better designed, not to mention more complete.

Unfortunately, I also have to report not being able to grab the programs from the synth and bring them over to where I can poke at them. I was thinking it was some parameter in the synth that I hadn’t set properly, until I found this thread. Though of course I’m still open to the problem being pilot error, as one must always be.

Anyway, I registered to this joint just to thank you for your work, it’s already a huge boon to my work. And I expect there are others out there just as appreciative.

I’m tempted to try earlier versions of Ctrlr to see if I can get back to that happy, legendary time when snapshots flowed freely across technological barriers….