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Hello Atom,

In fact, it seems that the midi input that CTRLR has which receives midi from the host (when ctrlr is used as a vst) is mapping the received cc window of 0-127 to a minimum of 56 (127 :2) modulator values or indexes.
if previously i have seen a limit of 13, it was because my midi controller was sending increments of 5 values (127/5 :2= 13).

So the effect of using less than 56 values in a modulator, is that the modulator doesn’t reply at all to midi input ccs coming from the host!

For now, i can work with the workaround mentioned previously, but it is not ideal!
it will be better if these limit of 56 is diminished to 2!
So if you have an occasion too look at these issue, it will be nice

Thanks and best regards

PS: In the coming days, i will try to make a small video to show a way of using CTRLR that you may not have thinked before 😉