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What is the “relative” mode and what is the absolute mode.

Ctrlr will react to values that are mapped in the component, so i you have values in the component in the range of 4-13, then if the panel receives a CC with a value larger then 13 or smaller then 4 it will not be mapped, Ctrlr input is not the same as Ctrlr-MIDI controller input.

This basic MIDI Input is for representing values that are on the remote device. Non-linear mappings need to be implemented in Ctrlr (they are not yet) but the messages that will be used for that will come from the MIDI Controller input. This is because you can have a panel full of SysEx messages and you want to control that panel with your generic-plastic-str8-out-of-china-cc-only midi controller. Then this sort of mapping will happen, instead of mapping actual values in the component, the amount of those values will be mapped to the min/max values of the incoming controller messages.

But this is something that will come once the MIDI controller input is completed. For now this behavior is something that’s expected.