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Thanks Atom for your reply,

Not sure that we are writing about the same subject! Sorry, up to now i was not very clear and introduced a lot of confusion by writing wrong information! Even the the title of the topic is not well chosen!

In fact, Relative (+inc/dec vst param) or absolute is the reaper part of the story (the learn input from a midi controller) nothing to do with Ctrlr!

So Let’s try to be clear!

In fact, the input which gives me problems is not a midi input but the “vst parameters input”
As you now, Ctrlr offers (as every vst(i)) to the host(DAW) an access to his controllers/parameters. And if i’m right the range of these parameters is 0.00-1.00 (Vst sdk definition).

So About the amount of values in a Ctrl’s component, it seems that it can not be less than 54 if i want the parameter to be “vst controllable” by the host:

– On a uiSlider, we can set the minimum and maximum value and the Interval. So i tried to change the interval to 0.5 (instead of 1) to double the amount of values. But it had no effect. For now i have to use a min-max value range greater than 54 (eg: min 20-max 74).

– On a uiCombo as i wrote before the amount of values/lines in the “combo content” should be greater than 54!