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ok here is your panel with the knobman rendered knobs and sliders, enjoy :)

mks-80 programmer

of course this means iā€™m going to have to aquire an mks-80 now. lol

Howdy Layzer,

I actually have the new background graphic completed for the version which gives both Upper and Lower tone editing however this required resizing of the whole GUI and thus subsequently those great looking knobs/switches you made for me in Knobman no longer fit.

Any chance you could either send me the source Knobman files you made for me originally? I’m having difficulty replicating those nice alpha-blended drop shadows to look as good as the ones you did. šŸ™‚

Otherwise, if you have a little time to spare and I’ll send over the latest version panel file and maybe you could work your magic again on my behalf?


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