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use the ctrlr.overrides file open it :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<ctrlrOverrides 	ctrlrMaxExportedVstParameters="put the max value" 
			ctrlrUseEditorWrapper="put 0" 
			ctrlrLuaDisabled="put 0"
			ctrlrLogToFile="put 0 except if you want find an issue"

Copy the file everywhere ctrlr.exe or dll is (pc)
if you use exported restricted or not(with/without edit mode) instances with a
name different ex : coolpanel.dll then rename the overrides file too

Strange : in the exported panel I’ve done rev1655 there is no need of this file
ALL parameters ARE VISIBLES (2200). the not exported params have no names but visible
I don’t have any feedback of user so……………..