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Hi again, how’s it going?

I’ve had some more studio time, so thought I’d do some more testing on the Virus Ti Panel to try and iron out these last couple of issues.

1. Saving Panel Parameters in a Saved Live Project

This is the main issue I’d love to see addressed as at the moment although I can have multiple Panels, each on an Ableton track there is a process to work through each and every time I open the Live project.

At present the panel saves the selected patches in each Panel on individual Live tracks in Ableton, however when first opening each panel they are all set to part 1. The solution to this is to select the part required for that particular patch and change the selected Out to another value and back to the intended value before hitting Send to send the patch and Out to the Virus, which will otherwise boot with the default patches. Also when the panel loads within the Virus project it forgets which bank was selected, in my case with external banks. Now it comes up with (no selection) and numbers 0-127 each blank.

2 Automation working for only some parameters using the Ctrlr VST with a loaded Panel.

In Live once I click on the down arrow in the panel instance and then click configure I can automate: everything on the OSC page, except Ring Mod. I can also automate Filter 1 parameters on the Filter page, but can’t automate Filter 2, Envelope, Amp or Amp envelope. I can’t automate anything on the LFO, Matrix, FX1, FX2 and Common pages or any of the Panel’s headings for different pages.

When I open the Ctrlr panel and look at EDIT > PREFERENCES I can see that the Max Exported VST Params value is 64. (I have the overrides file in the correct directory.)

I try changing this value to 600 and I can still only automate the same items in the panel.

So I now try exporting the instance into a VST, rescan in Live and drop it into a Midi track. I can now automate the Panel’s menu headings, e.g., Browser, Osc, Filter etc. It looks like I can automate everything! What were the parameters that couldn’t be automated in Virus Control?

I’ll do some further testing to see if I see any of the odd behaviour you’ve seen e.g, combo buttons are messed up and the patch is not sent correctly to the Virus with the Exported VST instance. Are there any other implications of using a VST exported instance? What is saved in the instance? All parameters? Outs? Patches?

Maybe using this exported VST instance is the solution for resolving the automation issue?

Many thanks, hope to hear from you soon, Jon