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Hi Jon

1. Saving Panel Parameters in a Saved Live Project

I’m working on it.

2 Automation working for only some parameters using the Ctrlr VST with a loaded Panel.

I can’t really help here, it’s all about the overrides file, it’s working fine here.

When I open the Ctrlr panel and look at EDIT > PREFERENCES I can see that the Max Exported VST Params value is 64. (I have the overrides file in the correct directory.)

I try changing this value to 600 and I can still only automate the same items in the panel.

This value doesn’t matter, the valid is the overrides file’s value.

So I now try exporting the instance into a VST, rescan in Live and drop it into a Midi track. I can now automate the Panel’s menu headings, e.g., Browser, Osc, Filter etc. It looks like I can automate everything! What were the parameters that couldn’t be automated in Virus Control?

vst instances of a panel doesn’t need the overrdies file, all parameters are exported.
I don’t remember which parameters couldn’t be automated, something related to lfo clocks and program changes, but this could be something old and probably solved today.

I’ll do some further testing to see if I see any of the odd behaviour you’ve seen e.g, combo buttons are messed up and the patch is not sent correctly to the Virus with the Exported VST instance. Are there any other implications of using a VST exported instance? What is saved in the instance? All parameters? Outs? Patches?

In theory everything should be saved, but for some reason this doesn’t work fine, I’m on it.

Maybe using this exported VST instance is the solution for resolving the automation issue?