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A quick update..

I managed to get automation working for ALL parameters using the Ctrlr VST and the loaded Panel! You were quite correct, the problem was with the overrides file. I discovered that the TextEdit app on Mac isn’t that great at creating XML files. You have to name the file with a .xml at the end for it to save it as an XML file, rather than plain text but then it had created a file called ctrlr.overrides.xml. Once I removed the XML extension and reloaded Live I could successfully automate all parameters. Yes!

I also tested some of the exported VST instances and this approach doesn’t seem like it will solve the problem of saving parameters as each VST loaded with the same settings, so I’m hoping there’s something that can be done to allow the correct saving of parameters, particularly patches and Outs for each Ctrlr instance I have in my Live project as at present I have to load them for each project. Now that I can automate all parameters there’s perhaps no need to use the exported instance?

Cheers, Jon