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Maybe it’s better to get a response from Atom, as it’s his software, but the whole concept is to build panels to control midi devices, so it’s logical that a midi output must be selected to transmit midi messages out.

I don’t understand the part about the uicomponent… all midi out messages (lua messages and modulator messages) sent from a panel are transmitted to the midi out port.

Now, here is how it works for me:
– To get Lua method programmed midi messages working I had to select an output device and I had none, so I used a virtual midi cable


– The plugin output won’t deliver Midi messages from the Lua Method and I can uncheck all the MidiThru options and output to plugin. And it still works as far as the output virtual cable is correctly plugged in.

I don’t understand what you mean here. The MIDI Thru options allow to transmit messages from the host to the midi device and from the midi device to the host. Those options are not related to the midi messages generated by the panel.