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Thanks for the fast reply. I’ll try using the zipped boost when I have the time. I was able to compile without boost related issues (at least it seemed so) after including installed boost include directory, but I then I started to get some std issues. I am on summer vacation and going to my parents house soon so I have to look at it when we get back. If the code does not use C++11 features then it might be at least theoretically possible to compile it with Xcode 3, I hope.
I did “sacrifice” my laptop and installed Mavericks so that is my next weapon of choice.

Just a quick off-topic though in Java we can test if class is instance of some type, for example interface or type interface to be exact. If there is some nice way to do that it could be handy in the mutator. To be clear I haven’t too much looked into the program or the for that matter, but I thought that some modulators that are subject to random value could extends some nice interface. Then the mutator class could query all modulators in the panel, check if they are randomizable modulators and do the trick. Though this might be useless this idea is based on the assumption that buttons are modulators too and if the button is not toggle, but push button then it would not need any randomized value. I came to this assumption while I am learning the app by creating panel for V-Amp2 which will have button for tap tempo. I did not find push button, but though that button with only one value/option is basically the same thing. No thats enough rambling I just wanted to say that aloud.

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