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With all due respect to the OP, this in my opinion should be put *much further* down the list of priorities than functionality develpment.. Like getting snapshots and the program manager working. Right now there are many ways to go about creating custom looks for knobs and buttons. Get jknobman. There are thousands of knobs you can download and customize fot it.

I’m not telling Atom to do this now (and I never did), I’m just asking some questions, and I think none of us should tell Atom what is important and what not.
To me snapshots and program managers are as functionality developments as the look and feel stuff, and as you can make your own program manager with Lua they aren’t so needed, but that’s just my opinion.

May be using custom comp with single images instead of frameimage in an ImageSlider I will be fine

Yes, with a custom component you can do this, and many other things a normal component can’t.

I think Dasfaker prepares something of crazy 🙂

Like this?

Seriously, I was just messing with custom components and their viability to replace normal components.