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I have created two panels, albeit in Beta form, for K1r and K4.

Please find them both currently hanging off my Miniaktools website.

Imaginatively entitled MyK1Panel.panel and MyK4Panel.panel

So far I expose all the parameters and one can send values to the synths.
I have not written systex decoders (yet) to load up state to the panel.
Looking at some existing panels for inspiration. I also wrote a C# panel so maybe I do the decode there first then work out this LUA language.

The Tools->Send Snapshot at least updates the Kawai’s with your current values.

I am colour / artistically challenged – but the key point is the sysex and ranges are mostly correct should you want to take this and collaborate on improving things.

Please share credit, that’s all I ask. Oh and let me know of bugs which I will try to fix.

I there is an official place to store these by all means let me know.

Hope you find them useful — my K1r is being used again after years of sulking in corner of studio. It is being triggered by the K4 via ctrlr 🙂

And the K4 — much more fun to sculpt with panel than using the presets.
I will probably update wave names on K4 soon (at the moment I just use inc/dec).

Steve H