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I have seen this software recommended on several forums, but there is no anecdotal evidence or testimony (example: “it works”) that I have been able to find.

So people on the forums recommend lies? The panels created are nothing more than illusions from the mind of their creators?

This software has been in development for a long time, but it does not seem to allow the transmission of any information at all through my midi interface to my hardware.

It’s clear that you did not set-up something correctly. Post how you config Ctrlr so we can help you.

I’m not calling anyone a liar, I simply have not seen any evidence of ctrlr working, nor have i read of any success stories about it, only recommendations on the renoise, reaper forums. If it doesn’t send any midi or sysex data to the hardware, then it doesn’t work. Let’s see a Youtube video that proves otherwise.

I was excited to find ctrlr, then I was disappointed that it does not function at all. It’s just annoying when people claim something works when it does not.

I am using a Roland UM-1 midi interface, Win764, Reaper, Renoise, and a Tx81z. I’ve tried the standalone, the VST, each day for several minutes, trying all the possible combinations of configuration.

Here is an example of a hardware controller that sends midi controller sysex data to the Tx81z with zero problems. Note that there is no Chorus effect:

I’m challenging the developers of Ctrlr to give proof that it works, because I have found no proof that it does.

I hope this will lead to improvements on the software, that is all.