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i think its the amount in a short time when tweaking large incremented parameters too quickly. i believe decimation will work because human interaction still takes time, and the controller messages will be reduced by half if a setting of “2” (throwing away every other sysex message of that specific parameter) is chosen by the panel editor.

and a “send snapshot of currently modified parameter on mouse button release” should make sure the end result is accurate of whatever knob is being tweaked.

the way it works now, is i need to turn the “level” dial of an operator on the tx81z very slowly, else a “midi buffer” overflow will occur. with parameter modulator decimation (throwing away every other sysex message) i would be able to turn the knob a little bit faster. maybe a combination of decimation and delay, carefully tuned, could help address this particular panel.

i wonder if there are other gear out there with the same problem though.