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Iā€™m back and I have been fiddling with this panel so it fits better in my workflow. The changes may be of use to some of you so I though I would share the amended version.

The changes are as follows:
1. Addition of a pop-up menu to navigate the Banks and Patches.
2. Removal of the Bank and Patch buttons to facilitate the above.
3. ROM patches are named in the pop-up menu to aid recognition*
4. Addition of an ENTER button to store the Edit Buffer to the Matrix RAM.
5. Addition of a COPY button to move patches from one location to another.
6. Addition of a numeric LCD style Bank and Patch indicator screen.
7. Moving panel elements around to make above additions fit nicely.
8. Made the panel slighlty larger.

* Names taken from

I noticed there is some really elegant Lua methods in there, mine are simple and blunt but do the job. Hope this is of use.

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Here is some noise I organised into an acceptable format: